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Search Engine Optimisation for your website

Every business website needs visitors

Whatever the purpose of your website, an increase in organic visitors will always be welcomed.

Without Search Engine Optimisation, driving visitors to your website often involves paid advertising and the costs soon add up.

Our SEO service will optimise your website for all search engines (and visitors too). This will naturally lead to a steady influx of website traffic, increasing with time.

Our Search Engine Optimisation:

Search Engine Optimisation in detail

What is involved in Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is made up of 2 parts, on-site SEO and off-site SEO (sometimes called on-page and off-page):

On-site SEO

On-site SEO refers to the optimisation of elements on your website

We perform various initial scans of your website to generate a report which details what needs to be changed or improved. We then discuss this with you and agree on what you would like us to do.

Off-site SEO

Off-site refers to the optimisation of your website elsewhere on the internet.

Again, we generate a report detailing your current status. We then discuss this with you and agree on what you would like us to do.

SEO for a new website

Implementing good SEO practices during the building of a new website is much easier than having to edit an existing website. Many elements of an existing website will need changing. However, if this is done correctly from the initial design, it is easier, quicker and cheaper!

For this reason, we strongly recommend SEO for all new websites at the initial design phase.

SEO for an existing website

Updating an existing website for Search Engine Optimisation takes a little longer. We need to check the code behind the website for errors and understand what each element is doing. Often the files are undocumented but simple to follow, but occasionally they can be complex.

The next step:

Talk to us!
We can take a quick look at your website and provide you with our honest advice.

  • Website code.

    We can check the code behind your website (HTML, CSS etc) for validity, errors and specific important entries.
  • Load speed

    We can optimise your website to improve the load speed.
  • In-bound links

    We can help with good in-bound linking to your website.
  • Social Media

    We can help improve your popularity across the social networks.
  • Competitors

    We can compare your website to those of your closest competitors.
  • Testing

    We can scan your websites pages like a search engine would, and see areas to improve
  • … and much more

    There are many more elements to good SEO which we can perform for you.

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Here is what our customer, Mark Askew from Jeep Promotions had to say about us:

Jeep Promotions

Back in February 2008, my 'then' website hosting company took it upon themselves to close down, which left me with a huge problem....
[Webb Worlds] got both websites fully up and running and was just what I'd asked for. Back up assistance was only a call away, and was dealt with very quickly, if any problems arose. I have been 100% satisfied with all the work carried out by Webb Worlds and all their staff. So if anyone was ever thinking of going over to Webb Worlds for work on their websites etc. then I can highly recommend them.

Mark Askew

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